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Mainely web designs offers premium web security with every design. Didn’t get a web design from us and now have malware or a virus on your site? No worries we can help !

Site Virus Removal

Our security experts and engineers are more than happy to help you find and remove any malware and backdoors from your website. They will fix all the bugs your website might have to prevent future hackers attacks.

The next step is carefully analyze your website and identify any other backdoors hackers could left to get the access to your website.
We strongly recommend you to subscribe to our security plan to get absolute protection and keep your website safe and secure.

How would you know that your website got hacked?

Whenever a hacker tries to hack any website, his main purpose is to install malware and spread spam using the website and he achieves to install malware the web page will get included in the blacklist of search engines. If the user tries to open this web page, an error will appear on the screen.

It is possible to protect websites using the previously installed software on your systems, but they can’t provide you confidence fully. Just as your PCs, you can’t ensure perfect protection against all kinds of viruses just by installing antivirus as every day new viruses are found everywhere on the web. The most authentic way of securing your website is to watch it closely with a group of specialists to prevent any wastage of data.

Once you got the fact that someone has hacked your website, this means that there are some steps which you need to take at earliest because most of the hackers will try to keep providing you damage after they had taken the first step. Here are a few guidelines which you must follow as early as possible:
  1. First of all, install a reliable version of antivirus on your home PC. Most suggested antiviruses are Avira and Comodo.
  2. After this, you should install FireWall on your PC too. It will decrease the chances of a malware attack on PC. One of best FireWalls available is Comodo which is free of cost.
  3. Sometimes you need to talk to hosting provider to check the cause of hacking, especially if you are using the usual hosting. Tell the managing authorities and ask them to work out for a solution.
  4. Secure your passwords and better it is to change them like passwords of mail and FTP etc.
  5. Put a warning on your web page so that users could know about the hacking of their website and then you ask them to change their passwords.
  6. Create a backup of all the files immediately.
  7. You may need to delete all the files and database from the server if the maker has hidden the installed code deeply. That’s why keeping a backup of files is so necessary.
  8. Keep your CMS updated to the latest edition.
In short, protecting your website is an important job which is not allowed to starters. Only specialists can deal with it.

Site Virus Removal. Got hacked and Blacklisted? Google blocks your website?We can clean and help to remove your website from blacklists within 24 hours. Our Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring tool can prevent the loss of search engine ranks.

   Fast Malware & Site Virus Removal

Contact us now and we remove malware, backdoors, viruses and spyware from your website within 24 hours.

   Keep Your Website Secure

After malware removal we install our website antivirus, security monitoring scripts and firewall to keep your website secure.

   Future Attacks Prevention

We install monitoring software. If we notice suspicious activity on your website, we take an action to protect your website.

   Guarantee – Site Virus Removal

You will get 14 – 90 days guarantee. During this period we will monitor and log all activity on your website. If we notice any problem, your website will be cleaned up again absolutely free.

   We fix the bugs

We do more than just detect and delete malware from your website. We analyze the files and fix the bugs which the hacker used and prevent future attacks.

   Blacklist Removal – Site Virus Removal

We can clean and help to remove your website from blacklists within 24 hours. Our Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring tool can prevent the loss of search engine ranks.

We offer:

Remove Malware

Site Virus Removal

WordPress CM

WordPress, Joomla CMS and others

Backdoor Removal & SQL Injection Prevention

Blacklist Removal (Google, McAfee, Norton)

Website Backup & Server Logs Analyze

We Monitor your site for one Year!


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Google Website Warning?

Don’t let automated robots that claim to rid your  site of infection fool you. These “bots” look for patterns in your code, and while they are good tools to assist with an infection removal – they are not a replacement for actual visual inspection of your website. Often times, the injection or core code culprit is outside your root structure and thus – undetectable by browser based solutions.


How Websites Are Infected

There are several ways a virus can infect your website, each one requiring the hacker to gain access to the Web server in some way or another. Although this may sound like a rare occurrence, it is actually quite common, and the hacker never actually has to do any manual work to accomplish this. The hacker starts by getting an online business owner to download a virus to their personal computer. Once the virus is on the computer of the website owner, it begins logging all of the keystrokes that they type on their keyboard. When they go to log into their web hosting account, their password is cataloged into a database automatically and the account is hacked.